Reaseheath Farm Facilities

Agriculture Apprentice

Closing Date for Applications: 1 June 2023
Standard / Level: Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Agriculture
Location: Kennels Farm Ightfield Whitchurch Shropshire SY13 4NR
Working for: Charmley Farms Ltd
Starting Salary: 39 hours @ £ 9 an hour

To assist management in the day to day practical duties of running a dairy farm. We will endeavour to ensure each week has a good variety of tasks to keep things interesting. We will also ensure your never overworked on any job so you will enjoy what you do! As we go we will do our best to train and teach the activities listed below:

  • milking
  • feeding calves
  • physical livestock husbandry such as vaccinating
  • mental livestock husbandry such as spotting sick animals
  • helping with land maintenance such as fencing
  • helping with building repairs and maintenance
  • cleaning plant and machinery
  • machinery field work such as topping and rolling
  • machinery yard work such as scraping up and bedding on the bedding buggy
  • helping with farm expansion and construction projects