Advanced Dairy Technologist


Level 5 (foundation degree)

Duration of the course

36 months

What qualifications will the apprentice gain?

  • Level 5 Foundation degree in Dairy Technology

Study Information

  • Clean-in-Place and Chemical Technology
  • Principles of Dairy Chemistry
  • Principles of Dairy Microbiology
  • Dairy Workplace Practices
  • Principles of Food and Dairy Safety
  • Milk and Dairy Derivatives as Raw Materials
  • Quality Assurance in the Food Industry
  • Butter and Milk Fat Technology
  • Cheese and Fermented Product Technology
  • Continuous Improvement 1 and 2
  • Dairy Process Engineering
  • Milk Processing
  • Project Management
  • Dairy Automation and Process Control
  • Dairy Supply Chain
  • Sustainability and Environmental Awareness
  • Whey Protein Processing
  • Applied Continuous Improvement Techniques
  • Dairy Professional Project

How much will this course cost?

Apprenticeships are funded through government and employer contributions. If the apprentice is:

  • 16-18 working for a small business (<50) their training will be fully funded*
  • 19+ or working for a Medium size business (50+) an employer contribution may be required
  • Working for a large business or organisation (Payroll of £3m+) training is funded from employers Digital Apprenticeship Service Account
    *small businesses who employ an apprentice between 16-18 may be eligible to receive a financial government incentive


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