Could you offer a work placement to a T-Level student?

Reaseheath welcomes T Levels from 2022

Do you own or manage a business in the construction, motor vehicle, business, or land-based sector? If so, you could help train the future workforce of these industries and gain support for your business by offering a T Level work placement to Reaseheath students.

When will Reaseheath College offer T Levels?

Reaseheath College will be offering the new, government backed technical qualifications called T Levels from September 2022, which are designed with businesses and include a substantial work placement to provide the next generation of workers with the skills and experience needed to excel in their chosen industry.

What is a T Level?

T Levels are a new qualification introduced by the Government which give 16-18-year-olds more options to gain essential workplace skills and experience.

These exciting qualifications, which are equivalent to three A Levels but with the addition of a substantial work placement, are key to the Government’s ambitious programme to provide the technical expertise for the jobs of the future. They offer a mix of classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’ experience with a relevant business for at least 315 hours.

Why should I offer a placement to a T Level student?

By offering an industry placement to a Reaseheath College student, you’ll have early access to hard-working talented individuals who are training to enter your industry. Having a student complete a work placement is a great way to build a pipeline of talent for any future junior positions or apprenticeships you may have.  

By partnering with Reaseheath College you are connecting with young people and opening a door of opportunity for them, while also benefitting your own business by receiving free support and new ideas from young, hard-working employees.

You could also avoid many recruitment costs in the future if you decide to offer a vacancy to a student who has completed a work placement with you.

What T Levels will Reaseheath offer?

From September 2022, Reaseheath College will offer the following T Levels:

  • Construction: On-Site Construction
  • Construction: Design, Survey and Planning
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Maintenance, Installation and Repair
  • Business and Administration: Management and Administration

How do I get in touch to discuss offering a work placement?

If you would like to find out more about offering a work placement in one of the subject areas listed above, please get in touch by filling out our contact form below, and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

From September 2023, Reaseheath College will be offering several additional land-based T Levels in the following subject areas:

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