We have a range of Trials, Dairy, Bakery and Butchery equipment.

Trials Facilities Equipment

Model: SRB-­‐50

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 65 and 25 Litres

Unique selling features: Designed with a perforated stator surrounding a high speed rotor for high shear performance. Multi‐purpose cooking vessel for diverse product range. Mixing and heat processing

What’s good about it? Capable of shearing, preparation, cooking and cooling because of the jacketed vessel. Very efficient in dissolving powders and stabilisers.

Model: 1000

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Varies

Unique selling features: Semi‐automatic and pneumatically operated. Very compact and versatile 316 food grade stainless steel built. Single deposit range from 3ml-­5000ml. 50ml – 60ml

What’s good about it? Very efficient depositing/filling machine which can be operated by one person.

Make: Mado Patron

Model: MTK662

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 25kg

Unique selling features: 20 litre capacity consisting of a knife head of 4. Driven by V­‐belts making it maintenance‐free.

What’s good about it? Powerful size reduction equipment capable of doing diverse product including meat and vegetables.

Make: HFE Vacuum System

Model: TPX Compact

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Varies

Unique selling features: Tray packing uses a drawer mechanism making it capable of vacuum and MAP packing.

What’s good about it? Very flexible and capable of packing a wide range of tray sizes. Vacuum and MAP packing all done a the push of a button.

Make: MPS

Model: CF2140

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 3 cubic metre (est.)

Unique selling features: 10 shelves stainless steel built interior and exterior with a LED temperature display. Temperature range ‐ 18C/‐22C and ambient of 43C.

What’s good about it? Mobile freezer with very good freezing capacity.

Make: Turbofan

Model: E32D4, E32M, E87

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 5 Trays, 4 Trays, 8 Trays (all three ovens in one area).

Unique selling features: Powerful convection oven single phase connected with 6.5kW power. It has a bi-­directional reverse fan and is fitted with water injection.

What’s good about it?: This oven can cook and bake with high efficiency and good evenness of heating.

Make: Nortech

Model: QCF110

Quantity: 2

Capacity: 10 tray

Unique selling features: Yield per blast chilling 80kg (70C/+3C) in 90 minutes. Yield per blast freezing 55kg (70C/-­18C) in 240minutes.

What’s good about it? Effective for both blast chilling and blast freezing.

Dairy Equipment

Make: InterVac

Model: INV20

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Varies

Unique selling features: Stainless steel construction with a 63m3/hr vacuum pump. Digital control and 10 computer programmes.

What’s good about it?: Quick vacuum packing performance and very hygienic due to no cavities.

Make: Empire


Quantity: 3

Capacity: 5000 litres

Unique selling features: Insulated and agitator fitted with sterile air pressure.

What’s good about it? Good capacity for medium scale production and easy to clean.

Make: Alfa‐Laval

Model: H7‐RC

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 2300lt/hr

Unique selling features: Siemens control system and heat product by hot water set.

What’s good about it? Efficient and reliable pasteuriser.

Make: Alfa-­‐Laval

Model: C6‐SH

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 1300lt/hr

Unique selling features: Capable of pasteurisation, homogenisation and separation.

What’s good about it? Versatile equipment which can be used for heat treatment, homogenisation and milk standardisation.

Make: REDA

Model: RTL‐025

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 1300lt/hr

Unique selling features: Separator fitted with inline cream and milk fat standardisation system. It utilises 2 stage homogenisation.

What’s good about it? Efficient and controlled separation to ensure product with consistent milk fat ratio.

Make: Alfa‐Laval

Model: N/A

Quantity: N/A

Capacity: 100lt/hr

Unique selling features: Romicon hollow fibre membrane, 1.8bar maximum pressure and 75C temperature.

What’s good about it? Useful in removal of dispersed solids e.g. fat, bacterial without affecting balance of components dissolved.

Make: Alfa‐Laval

Model: N/A

Quantity: N/A

Capacity: 150lt/hr

Unique selling features: Uses spiral membranes and capable of operating at high temperature of 80C.

What’s good about it?: N/A.

Make: CPS Tetra Pak

Model: N/A

Quantity: 2

Capacity: (1000 & 250lt)

Unique selling features: Fitted with agitators. Jacket heating available. Powder incorporating system.

What’s good about it? High efficient mixing tanks with good handling capacity.

Make: CPS Tetra Pak

Model: N/A

Quantity: 2

Capacity: 250lt

Unique selling features: Tanks are jacketed and fitted with an agitator. Wide sweep agitation available.

What’s good about it? Allows continuous temperature controlled mixing which is suited for product ageing

Make: CPS Tetra Pak

Model: Fringus 4000

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 400lt/hr

Unique selling features: variable speed control, air pressure and back pressure with hot gas flushing available.

Make: Technogel

Model: Mixtronic 110

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 60lt

Unique selling features: 65C and 85C pasteurisation. 2 speed with a stainless steel propeller and inbuilt emulsifier. Fully automatic.

What’s good about it? Allows perfect custom temperature mixing.

Make: Technogel

Model: Mantagel 50

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 40‐70lt/hr

Unique selling features: 3 blade beater shaft and a scraper blade. Average freezing time is 5‐7 minutes.

What’s good about it? 5-10 kilo capacity.

Inline two stage homogeniser

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 60lt/hr

Unique selling features: Indirect tubular heating.

What’s good about it? Suitable for demonstrations and small sized trials.

Make: Intasept

Quantity: 1

Fill Capacity: 500ml – 5000ml

Unique selling features: variable fill capacity, ambient storage, hermetically sealing.

What’s good about it? Long life ambient storage

Make: OST/Tetra Tebel or ASTA

Quantity: 1 or 2

Capacity: 2700lt or 25lt

Unique selling features: Steam jacketed enclosed and fully automated with Siemens control system. Allows 10 programmable recipes.

Steam jacketed, travelling agitator and in-­vat pressing.

What’s good about it? Easy operator controlled cheese vat with product programs installed. Easy to clean by CIP.

Make: Clarilac Equipment

Quantity: 2

Capacity: 180lt or 360lt

Unique selling features: Steam jacketed and rocking agitator.

What’s good about it? Suitable for medium sized use and easy to clean.

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 8x5Lt

Unique selling features: Good temperature control with an efficient thermo regulator.

What’s good about it? Enables screening of up to 8 different product formulations at a time.

Make: Silkeborg

Model: N/A

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 90lt

Unique selling features: 2 speed variation.

What’s good about it? Easy to use when manufacturing butter.

Make: Anhydro

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 13kg/hr

Unique selling features: Efficient special designed atomiser systen and air distribution system.

What’s good about it? Rapid, effective and consistent rapid drying with excellent product yield.

Make: APV Junior

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 318kg/hr @40% total solids

Unique selling features: Rising and falling plate system.

What’s good about it?

 High efficiency in water removal to up to 40% TS.

Make: Armfield

Model: FT9

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Throughput of 45lph

Unique selling features: Fitted with stellite homogenisation valve. Homogenisation value of less than 5%.

What’s good about it? Effective in disintegration of fat globules in milk and ice‐cream.

Make: WH Smith

Quantity: 2

Capacity: Varies

What’s good about it? Useful for small scale cheese manufacture.

Bakery Equipment

Make: Mono

Model: FG257C3SG 400

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 4 deck ‐ trays/deck

Unique selling features: Programmable steaming system with an excellent heat recovery system. Digital and LED control panel.

What’s good about it?: Very heat efficient and allows pre‐bake programmable steaming. Very good for breads.

Make: Williams

Model: RPC 2 TR1

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 2 racks/40 trays

Unique selling features: Retard prover +3C/­‐5C and proofing at 38C‐40C. Automatic programmer and automatic water fill.

What’s good about it? Capable of creating a single recovery cycle at touch of a button and hold product if baking is not ready.

Make: Lincat/Rational

Model: OSCWE101 Lincat Opus

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 10 trays

Unique selling features: Equipped with digital read out and set functions for all your cooking needs. Along with internal steam generator for regulating steam saturation levels.

What’s good about it? Perfect for exact cooking temperatures and humidity control.

Make: Kemplex

Model: SFBE CO 500

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 5kg

Unique selling features: Manual and easy to use.

What’s good about it? Easy to use and allows baker to make adjustments.

Make: Burco

Quantity: 8

Unique selling features: Cooks by induction and are energy efficient.

What’s good about it? Energy efficient and useful for rapid cooking/boiling.


Model: NSE 45

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 30kg

Unique selling features: 45kg dough capacity capable of both automatic and manual repeatable cycles. 2 working speeds for both bowl and spiral.

What’s good about it? Dough mixing is consistent and allows manual mixing cycle.

Make: Varimixer Bear

Model: RN20/VL2

Quantity: 4

Capacity: 12kg

Unique selling features: VARI-­‐Logic electronic controller to allow speed adjustments, 4 speed programmes and a 60 minute timer.

What’s good about it? Versatile use in mixing, whisking, kneading and allows pausing for programme adjustment.

Make: Kitchen Aid

Model: K50

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 5kg

Unique selling features: High torque powerful table top mixers.

What’s good about it? Quick mixing and can be used for small dough weights.

Make: Stable Micro Systems

Model: TA‐XT ‐ 50

Quantity: 1

Unique selling features: Fully integrated Exponent 32‐bit software and is very accurate.

What’s good about it? Used for accurate, repeatable and quantifiable textural information.

Make: Vorwerk

Model: TM31

Quantity: 1

Capacity: N/A

Unique selling features: Blends and heats with extremely powerful motor.

What’s good about it?: Excellent for all blending and cooking of goods such as chocolate ganaches.

Make: Key Choc

Model: MM15

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 15kg

Unique selling features: Holds tempered chocolate for ease of use.

What’s good about it?: Excellent for producing large amounts of moulded chocolates and easy to temper with.

Butchery Equipment

Make: Henkelman

Model: Falcon 52

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Varies

Unique selling features: Fast and efficient vacuum and MAP packaging options.

What’s good about it? A very efficient packaging machine with digital controls of time and option for automatic programming.

Make: LA Minera

Model: C/MM30

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 30kg

Unique selling features: Table top paddle kneader ideal for sausages.

What’s good about it? Performs both forward and reverse mixing and has easy mix handling due to tip‐up bowl. Easy to clean because of i paddle design.


Model: EC‐12

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Varies

Unique selling features: 25lbs hydraulic sausage filler with a heavy duty motor 1.15HP 240V single phase.

What’s good about it? Easy to use high speed sausage filling and can be utilised for long runs.

Make: Spicer

Model: 50E

Quantity: 1

Capacity: 20kg

Unique selling features: 50 litre capacity marinade tumbler with an electronic time for consistent product.

what’s good about it?: Large capacity and capable of marinating, mixing and tenderising.

Make: Torrey

Model: M32 3TCE

Quantity: 1

Capacity: Continuous

Unique selling features: High grinding capacity of 1500kg/hr with a 3HP motor.

What’s good about it?: Very powerful and high productivity.

Quantity: 1

Make: DSL

Model: GW‐460

Quantity: 1

Capacity: N/A

Unique selling features: Consists of a wrap film dispenser tray and an electric knife to cut film.

What’s good about it? Perfect seal and smooth film cuts for a good packaging finish.

Make: Impulse

Model: PFS‐400

Quantity: 1

Make: Bizerba

Model: BC11 800

Quantity: 1

Unique selling features: Electronic scale equipped with a flexible programmable Logic Unit. Capable of both pricing and printing functionality.

What’s good about it? Multifunctional and reduces errors in pricing. It weighs, pricing and label print at an instant.

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