Veterinary Nursing


Level 2 or 3

Duration of the course

  • Level 2 – 12-18 months, full time (including end point assessment) 
  • Level 3 – 30 months depending on previous experience

What qualifications will the apprentice gain?

  • Level 2 Apprenticeship in Veterinary Nursing
  • Level 3 Apprenticeship in Veterinary Nursing

Study information

What will I study?

Level 2

  • Legislation and Safe Working Practices 
  • Animal Health and Welfare 
  • Animal Environment and Accommodation 
  • Introduction to Patient Care 
  • Introduction to Animal Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Veterinary Care Support 

What will I study?

Level 3

Year 1

  • Understanding the operational requirements of a veterinary practice
  • Infection control
  • Understanding the essentials of veterinary nursing care for hospitalised animals
  • Comparative functional anatomy
  • Applied animal welfare, health and husbandry for vet nurses
  • Professional relationships and communication for veterinary nursing practice
  • Essentials of practical nursing care for hospitalised animals

Year 2

  • Veterinary nursing support of diagnostic imaging
  • Supporting veterinary operating theatre practice
  • Principles of supportive veterinary anaesthesia
  • Lab diagnostics
  • Supply of vet medicines
  • Veterinary support for small animals
  • Principles of peri-operative nursing support for small animals
  • Principles of emergency and critical care
  • Professional registration
  • Practical monitoring small animal anaesthesia
  • Practical peri-operative support
  • Practical nursing support

How much will this course cost?

Apprenticeships are funded through government and employer contributions. If the apprentice is:

  • 16-18 working for a small business (<50) their training will be fully funded*
  • 19+ or working for a Medium size business (50+) an employer contribution may be required
  • Working for a large business or organisation (Payroll of £3m+) training is funded from employers Digital Apprenticeship Service Account
    *small businesses who employ an apprentice between 16-18 may be eligible to receive a financial government incentive


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